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CC is one of the most popular computer languages in the world, and quite possibly the most popular. It is a compiled langauge widely supported on many platforms. It tends to be more portable than FORTRAN but less portable than Java; it has been standardized by ANSI as "ANSI C" -- older versions are called either "K&R C" or "Kernighan and Ritchie C" (in honor of C's creators), or sometimes just "classic C". Fast and simple, it can be applied to all manner of general purpose tasks. C compilers are made by several companies, but the free GNU version (gcc) is still considered one of the best. Newer C-like object-oriented languages include both Java and C++.
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Andy's Database (DB) Help! If you need MS Access or SQL Server database Help, we've been providing Toronto businesses and Toronto professionals of all types and sizes, with custom Microsoft database solutions and support, for over 15 years!

Andy's Database Help! will help you with your new or existing MS Access or SQL Server database software project, and provide dedicated, professional support for it, thereafter!

Click here for a partial listing of previous database projects Microsoft MS Access SQL database projects

Click here for a complete listing of Microsoft MS Access SQL database software programming & related data services, in Toronto.

For your new MS Microsoft Database project, you are only limited by your imagination and your budget! The MS Microsoft Access and SQL Server Database Software system is extremely flexible and the types and uses of custom database software applications are as varied as there are business to use them. Click here for more info on Creating a new Microsoft MS Access or SQL database for your Toronto Business.

For existing MS Access or SQL Server databases, you'll have one or more requests: 1) add new features to your Access database, 2) Disaster Planning and/or Recovery of your Access or SQL server database software, and 3) speed it up!!! The last request is very common. With many Microsoft MS Access databases - not enough attention is paid to how to maximize Access performance on your office Lan / Wan network. This is especially true when your Microsoft Access database was originally a single user desktop database and then became multi-user.

Initially planning to develop your custom database software using Microsoft MS Access is very practical. Most Toronto companies and business professionals already have Microsoft MS Access database software (and the Microsoft MS Office VBA / Macro programming language software) already installed, on their pc's, with Microsoft MS Office (for Outlook, Excel, and Word Interoperability thru MS Office VBA / Macro software). We can also update your old Visual Basic (VB) program, and We've also helped Mac OS X+ computer users to benefit from custom Microsoft MS Access database software!

While Access can handle any type of business application, it has a ceiling related to: 1) the number of concurrent users, 2) the location(s) of the users, and 3) the amount of data it can efficiently store and retrieve - in which case other Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft MS SQL Server, the Microsoft .Net framework ( - visual basic .net - c#), or classic ASP website programming will need to be employed (see when to use Microsoft MS Access vs. MS SQL Server).

All Databases don't have to be work related (and dull), so before you leave our website, click here to see our collection of Entertaining - Interesting - and Fun on-line web databases - including which Famous people share Your Birthday!