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Andy's PC Help! Provides Toronto And GTA Businesses With Upsizing Their MS Access Database To The Microsoft SQL Server Database Platform

You Don't Have To Throw Away That Old Access Database That Has Served You Well For Many Years, Just Upsize It!!
SQL Server And Access Are Usually Linked Together, As Access Is Used For Database Applications At The Beginning Of Their Lifecycle, And Then Later Moved To SQL Server. This Process Is Called Upsizing, Whereby Your Access Database Is Still Used For The User Interface: Data Entry Screens, Reports, Navigation, Etc., But SQL Server Is Now Used To Store And Manipulate Your Data, Instead Of Access.

Reasons For Upsizing Access
* Number of Users   * Size of the Database   * Performance   * Security
* Transaction Logging   * Data Integrity      * Administration   * SQL Server Tools

If You Are Using Access, And Experiencing Any Of The Problems Listed, Above, Or Require The Extra Functionality Of SQL Server, Upsizing Is The Answer, and Can Be Done At A Reasonable Price.

Replacing Other DataBases and Programs
We Have Successfully Converted A Number Of Older Databases And Programs To Access And Sql Server, To Take Advantage Of Elements Not Available At The Time They Were Developed. Some Examples Of Older Database Formats And Programming Languages Include: Foxpro, DBase IV, Lotus 123, And Other Dos Based Programs.