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Is Excel Running Too Much Of Your Business?

If Your Toronto Business Relies On Keeping Information Timely, Accurate, And Easily Accessible, Then A Transition to Custom In-House Software is Well Worth the Investment!!

For Years, Toronto Businesses small and large have been using MS Excel to run processes and manage information. For small, simple projects Excel is a useful organizational tool. However, data has a tendency to grow in complexity at a rate that Excel can not keep up with.

The main reason why It's very common for a business to start tracking its business information and related processes with Excel is because smaller businesses, where an IT department doesn't exist, usually don't have the computer skills required to design, build, and implement a sophisticated tracking system. In larger businesses, the IT department is busy handling other affairs. So, Excel often seems to be the obvious, quickest and easiest resource to get things started.

Other reasons why business professionals turn to Excel to run critical processes: most already own a license on their desktop and are familiar with enough to quickly get the project started. They can even bypass IT altogether and maintain the Excel files themselves. The problem is Excel was never intended to be used as a database management tool. It is no surprise that collaborating via spreadsheets becomes unbearable rather quickly as projects and processes grow in complexity.

Andy's DB Help! Has Helped Many Toronto Businesses Transition From Excel To Microsoft Access Database Software Or Database Solutions Using SQL Server. This doesn't mean throwing out Excel, but using the right tool for the job, so when you need a database, use a database program, and not a spreadheet program.

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