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Andy's PC Computer and Data Help Even More Networking Info!

Networks For Small And Medium Size Businesses Can Be Of Two Main Types:
Peer-To-Peer Or Client/Server.

Peer-To-Peer Networks Are Simple To Setup And Maintain, And Perfect For An Environment Where Security Is Not An Issue - But Client/Server Means The Security Is Centralized And Users Must Login To A Server, And Where They Go Or Do On The Network Can Be Allowed Or Denied, Users May Have Time Restrictions, Programs The Users Can Or Can't Run Can Be Regulated, And So On. All Of This Extra User Configuration Takes Time And Money - Do You Need A Client/Server Network?

The One Thing Andy's PC Help! Strives To Do Is To Make The Network Suite The Business, So Technologies Or Networking Plans Take Into Account Not Only Security, But What Happens If The Network Goes Down, What Will The Users Be Doing On The Network, Can Someone In-House Maintain The Network Or Will You Need To Still Use Our Services For Tune-Ups And Monitoring?

Many Times A Computer Consultant Will Setup A Network To "Go By The Book" And Not Take Into Account The Above Or Simply How Your Business And Employees Work, Which Forces A Company To Adhere To A "Standard" Networking Setup, And Not The Other Way Around. Usually This Results In A Company Not Utilizing Their Network To The Fullest, Because The Network Is Too Complicated Or Expensive For Their Needs.

Don't Associate Speed With Client/Server - Andy's PC Help! Will Give You All The Speed You Need, Without A Complicated Setup - Unless Your Situation Demands It!!